Because sometimes, brainfarts have substance…

You don’t know the power of the dark side…

Lot’s of changes have been happening for me in game as of late.

I have switched mains back to my warlock.  My wrists simply don’t like playing resto druid anymore.  My offspec is cat, and we are full up of melee.  I dislike moonkin in cataclysm.  I don’t know how to tank.

So, lot’s of leveling and gearing and learning hehe.

She is my first character in WoW.  She used to be undead, but now she is a worgen.  I have to say, warlock in cataclysm is the smoothest the class has ever played.  Historically, locks have felt a little… thrown together.  They knew they wanted them to be an evil caster with pets, and to use dots, but the mechanics they have gotten have always felt like a hodge-podge of half ideas and “whatever we have left over.”  In Cataclysm, it feels as tho somebody actually mapped out what a lock was going to be, and how it was going to feel, and how the different specs were going to work out.  Sure, some of the mechanics could use a little refining (I’m looking at you, improved soul fire) but on a whole they have 2.5 viable raid PvE specs (destro is fine so long as you aren’t on bleeding edge content…  people that point to sims forget that they only show maximum potential, and only apply to groups of individuals that can approach that level of perfection.  Simple fact of the matter is, the *VAST* majority of us don’t even come close.  a small % difference on theoretical maximums means very little unless everybody involved is at that same, maximum level of gear/encounter/skill)  A destro of equal gear *can* beat me, even tho I’m affliction/demo.  It all comes down to skill, encounter design, and the almighty RNG.

Hehe, /rant off…  Hell.. I was just stopping in to say hi lol.


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