Because sometimes, brainfarts have substance…

Still here.

I realize it’s been a while since the last post.  4.1 took some time to come out, and I’ve been having fun in the new patch.

We had our best raid night ever this past Wednesday.  We one shot every boss on the way to Chimeron, and took him down for the first time as a guild that night.  Many of us had not seen him at all, or only for a pull or 2 after we did Atramedes.  Came back on Saturday for attempts on Nefarion.  Then on Monday, we got Accendent Council to 6%.

I finally got Tyrannde’s Favorite Doll!  The combination of it and the Jar of Ancient Remedies have really helped.  I was doing well before, but scoring both of those have allowed me a little more room in the mana department, and allowed me to take my foot of the breaks, so to speak.  Since I worry less about mana, my output has gone up, and my performace has gone up accordingly.

Tranq on a 3 minute cooldown, it’s really nice.  It’s not nearly as bad as I had feared as well.  Yes, my numbers are up on long fights, but the reality of the situation is, most often I still get one good tranq per fight.  I could squeeze in 2 if I just used them to use them, but that is hardly efficient.  It has become mostly a quality of life change, as I don’t need to wonder if it will be up after a wipe.  At 8 miniutes, sometimes it would be down when I needed it, because I had used it in the previous attempt.  That being said, on fights where I *CAN* get 2 good tranqs off…  I become the goddess of numbers.  I’m still afraid they are going to break a spell they finally perfected due to poor player interpretation of largely meaningless numbers.  But, as I mentioned in the comments, Blizzard is very good at this, and I have little doubt that there is some sort of plan behind their actions.

I’ll try to write more, really, I simply have been playing to much since the patch.  Till next time.


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