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Hello, world!

Hello, and welcome!

I suppose an introduction is in order.  I play a (mostly) restoration druid on Scarlet Crusade-US.  I’ve been in the “MMO” scene for over 20 years (We didn’t call them MMO’s back then, but that’s exactly what they were) starting with a small TinyMUCK called Dreamtime.  That started a lifetime hobby of multiplayer gaming that shows no sign of stopping.  As such, I’ve been around a very long time, and tend to have a different outlook on things then many other players.  In the past I’ve found myself being quite frustrated with the old, de-facto standard of gaming community, the forums.

See, back in the “good old days”, the internet was a secret place.  Most people didn’t have any computer at all, let alone a modem or technical experience.  To have even heard of the internet implied some sort of higher thought process, and to be able to navigate the maze of technical hurdles to actually make the beast work for you was impressive in its own right.  In those days, if you encountered an other person, chances were high that the interaction would be beneficial to both parties, as 2 high minds meeting almost always creates magic.  The people also didn’t take the net for granted.  Our vision was that of a modern-day Library of Alexandria, where the collective knowledge of mankind could be collected to the betterment of all of humanity.  Oh, those wild, idealistic times, how I miss thee…

Then, thru the magic of millions of AoL CD’s, the internet became the next big thing.  Suddenly every Tom, Dick, and Harry had access to the net.  People who lack the skills to program a VCR suddenly had full-fledged access to the power of networking, and things have steadily devolved to the current situation we see today.  I’m not trying to have rose-colored glasses, or be some old elitist nerd, but it is undeniable that the signal-to-noise ratio has suffered greatly.  It’s not all bad, and the internet is still a stronger place now then it was then, but wading thru tons of intellectual ore to find the precious metals within is becoming more difficult by the day.

Which brings me to this blog.  It has become a fact of life in this day and age that forums are losing their edge.  There is simply no way to keep the gems separated from the turds.  I’m all for free speech, but feel that with the right comes a responsibility to think before speaking.  It’s a responsibility that far too many people are shirking.

So, instead of continuing to post on various forums, only to have my voice drowned out by a million witless voices, I have decided to try the blog scene.  I think you will find my perspective on things differs from most.  I don’t expect people to agree with me, but at least my thoughts will not be immediately drowned by whatever common “wisdom” of the hour is prevalent.

Enough history for now.  A little more about what you will find here.  I’m no theory crafter, so if you want numbers, your likely to only get regurgitation here.  I’m not in a server first guild (while I am a raider, I am in a casual guild) so don’t expect the latest strategies either.  I intend to focus more on design aspects, social aspects, and the overall direction MMO games have moved and will move to in the future.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, or any for that matter, but you can be assured that my outlook has been tempered by a long history of experience in the field.

So welcome to my place.  I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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  1. pawprince

    Hey Dar, Bless/Pawprince here. It’s hard to imagine being in the MMO experience for 20 years. In comparison, I’d say I’m an infant in the MMO world to you, as WoW is my first experience online game. After a couple of years of noobing it up I’m more confident now that I can come through for whatever role is needed in the game and future games I decide to play. I suppose everyone starts from somewhere. However, I’m afraid the overwhelming feeling of vast witless people will never end though, as online gaming is exceedingly more popular and available to the public. Perhaps it’s our responsibility to guide them and shape them into great MMO champions.

    Looking forward to future posts!!

    March 31, 2011 at 11:53 am

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